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Critical assignment

Paper topics: choose one 1. Acts o Critical Introduction to Acts: Authorship, Date, Provenance, Social Settings o A Chronology of Paul’s Ministry: How do we reconcile the similarities and differences between Acts and Paul’s letters? o What is the purpose of Acts? 2. Paul, His Letters, and Selected Issues o Critical Introduction to any of Paul’s Letters: Authorship, Date, Provenance, Social Settings o What is the Traditional reading of Paul? o What is the New Perspective of Paul? o What is an Apocalyptic reading of Paul? o Topics in Pauline Theology: Righteousness, Justification, Soteriology, Eschatology, Union with Christ, Ethics, Center to Pauline thought? 3. Hebrews o Critical Introduction to the Letter to the Hebrews: Authorship, Date, Provenance, Social Setting o Who wrote Hebrews? o What is the Genre of Hebrews? o What is the Purpose of Hebrews? o Topics in Hebrews Theology: Christology, Priesthood, Warning Passages, Death and Resurrection motifs, New Covenant, Rest, Faith and Faithfulness 4. Catholic Epistles o Critical Introduction to any of the Catholic Epistles: Authorship, Date, Provenance, Social Setting o What is the relationship of James’s teaching to Jesus Tradition? o Does James’s concept of “works” and Paul’s theology of “faith” cohere? o Ethics and Wisdom in James o A Theology of Suffering in the Catholic Epistles o How is “exile” developed in 1 Peter? 5. Johannine Epistles and the Apocalypse of John o Critical Introduction to the Johannine Epistles or the Apocalypse of John: Authorship, Date, Provenance, Social Setting o Structure and Purpose of 1 John o What is the Genre of the Apocalypse of John? o Topics in Johannine Theology Use of Sources: The credibility of your research will depend in part on your bibliography. This is a "Works Consulted" bibliography, meaning that an item is included if it contributed significantly to your understanding of the research topic. Thus, you may include a source even if it is not footnoted in the text of the paper. The bibliography must include a minimum of 12 sources, distributed as follows: • Two Theological and Biblical Studies dictionary entries • Four critical commentaries • Three monographs • Three academic, peer reviewed journal articles I. Paper Introduction: ¾ page a. Identify Topic b. Identify research question (and related research questions) c. Clear Thesis Statement (should directly answer your research question) d. Overview of paper II. Part I: How Scholars have Framed the Discussion: 3 pages a. Goal of Part I is to introduce to students how such research questions or topics are being discussed in the currents of NT studies b. If possible, attempt to offer a taxonomy of positions that are reflective of current research c. Offer no personal opinion such as “I disagree…” or “I agree” in this position. Rather, you are explaining how some in the field are describing this topic or research question d. Do no become overwhelmed with the amount of possibleavailable research, but reflect select voices in the field. III. Part II: Your argument: 3 pages a. Goal of Part II is to build from Part I and permit the student to reflect their argument. Part I introduces students to questions raised and selected research that should inform how students address and answer their research question or topic. b. Use Primary Sources to defend your position (Scripture and Ancient Sources) c. Use Secondary Sources to help frame your argument and secondary support for your position IV. Paper Conclusion: 1 page a. Restated Question and Thesis b. Summary of your findings
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