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Background In preparation for this assignment, read the following article: ‘The imperial CFO’, 2016, The Economist, June 18. Financial managers are, arguably, vital to the survival of any corporation. Indeed, Chief Finance Officers (CFOs) are becoming as prominent as the CEOs of the companies they belong to (‘The imperial CFO’ 2016), mostly because they have a say in decisions that directly impact the performance and value of businesses. These decisions are, invariably, related to which projects to pursue (capital budgeting), how to raise funds (capital structure), and how to safeguard the business’ daily operations (working capital management). In this context, knowing how to interpret financial statements has the same importance to a manager as the ability to understand medical results has to a physician. One of the most important tools in this regard is the so-called financial ratio analysis, whereby information is combined in a way that portrays the status of the company in terms of important aspects (e.g., liquidity, profitability, efficiency, etc.). Not only that, the methodology is very appealing since it allows companies to be benchmarked against their peers and the industry they are part of. Assessment brief To get a good grasp of financial ratio analysis, this assignment asks you to identify a company whose capital structure ratios (debt ratio and interest coverage ratio) and profitability ratios (return on assets and return on equity) are either readily available (i.e., through IBISWorld or Marketline) or, else, can be calculated through its financial statements. Then, upon collecting observations from the last 3–5 years and industry aggregates, answer the following: a) Based on a trend analysis, elaborate on whether the company you have chosen is improving or deteriorating in terms of its capital structure and profitability ratios, highlighting any areas (and appropriate actions) for improvement. b) How does the company compare to its peers, i.e., are its ratios similar to the industry- average financial ratios (or else, to those from its main competitor)? Would there be any issues of concern and, if so, how to address them? c) Is it possible to identify any relationship between capital structure and profitability ratios? (Hint: frame your discussion in terms of risk vs return).
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