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I just want to be average

Write an essay in which you discuss the successful teaching exemplified by Jack McFarland from Mike Rose's “I Just Want To Be Average” and Mr. Bedrock in “From Ordinary Resurrections” by Jonathan Kozol. Begin your essay by introducing Mike Rose and his article which mentions a teacher by the name of Jack McFarland. Write a few sentences about McFarland introducing him. Then transition or link to an article by Jonathan Kozol which also mentions a teacher, Mr. Bedrock. Write a few sentences telling about Bedrock. Finally, say that both Rose and Kozol found these two teachers successful for a number of reasons. Begin the body of your paper by writing about why Rose believes that McFarland was a successful teacher. Carefully select three reasons and write three paragraphs explaining these reasons with examples. You must quote in each of these paragraphs. The quotes must fit. Each quote should be paraphrased, explained, and commented upon. This should be at least three sentences. Do not end a paragraph with a quote. Then do the same with Mr. Bedrock. Carefully select three reasons Kozol thought Bedrock was a good teacher. Write three paragraphs explaining these reasons with examples. Give plenty of detail and example. You must quote in each of these paragraphs. The quote must fit. Each quote should be paraphrased, explained, and commented upon. Do not end a paragraph with a quote. Note: Do your best to select reasons McFarland was a good teacher that are different from those that point to why Bedrock was a good teacher. Also, note that some of the reasons these men are successful teachers may be implied rather than stated directly. Employ your inferencing skills Next in two new paragraphs compare how these two teachers were similar and different. Continue by saying that while these two teachers exhibited qualities associated with outstanding teaching, there are additional qualities associated with good teachers not mentioned in these articles. What might they be? This is your opinion perhaps based on experience. Here, in this paragraph, you can write about a multitude of qualities without going into too much detail about each one. Conclude by saying that you have had a teacher at least as good as McFarland or Bedrock. Introduce this teacher and compare him/her to both McFarland and Bedrock. You may want three paragraphs here, one to introduce your teacher, another to compare your teacher to McFarland and still another to compare your teacher to Bedrock. The comparisons, of course, can involve both similarities and differences. One question you may want to answer in a separate paragraph is whether your teacher was indeed better than either of these two teachers and give reasons for that. Or if you believe your teacher didn't seem to be as good as McFarland or Bedrock give reasons for that. In a final concluding paragraph write about why it is important to have a teacher as good as McFarland, Bedrock, and the excellent teacher you had. How many paragraphs should you write in this examination paper? I counted at least 15. Note: When you word process, follow MLA guidelines. Write 3 ½ to 5 pages. Quote once per paragraph in each of the body paragraphs. You don't need to quote in your introduction or your concluding paragraphs. Though if you can quote in these paragraphs, that's a big plus. A Works Cited page is required. You will have two sources on the Works Cited page and they should be formatted similarly to the way you formated the sources for the Douglass/Malcolm X Works Cited page. Finally, about plagiarism. Don't do this. I use a program that allows me to check your paper against internet sources to determine what has been copied. Remember this rule: You can borrow one word from any source as long as you place your words around it. You can borrow two words together from any source as long as you place your words around it. But if you borrow three words or more together from any source, you must quote it or don't use it. Paraphrase it, which means put it in your own words.
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