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Create two historical characters to demonstrate your understanding of how Japan and China had changed

Instructions: The time is December, 1945 and the Sino-Japanese War has just ended. Create two historical characters to demonstrate your understanding of how Japan and China had changed from the mid-1800s to 1945. One character must be Chinese and the other must be Japanese. You choose your characters’ age, gender, family status, education and social background, and experience. You can name your characters and speak in the first or third person. You need to be very specific about your character’s background. For example, do not just say that your character was a child of a former samurai. Instead, mention whether your character was a son or daughter, and what kind of samurai your character’s ancestors were. You have a fair amount of flexibility in terms of structure. You can present the first character’s thoughts first followed by the second characters’ thoughts or you could structure this as a series of exchanges. The characters’ reflections can happen in any form you think is appropriate as long as it is realistic and allows you to use proper English grammar and syntax. For example, having these exchanges via a series of texts on smartphones or as a series of blogs would not work! However, this could be a series of diary entries, letters, or an actual conversation or anything else that is plausible and historically accurate. You can write using “I” or be more objective. Your writing can also be more informal. Your characters will first make introductions, and then discuss TWO historical events or periods. One must be before 1945, and the other after. For example, you can look at WWII and the period right after the war from 1945 to the early 1950s. Required Topics: The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate that you have a comprehensive understanding of how China and Japan changed from the mid-1800s to the end of WWII in 1945. Be sure to discuss both characters’ and their families’ experiences during each of the following three historical periods: 1: Mid-1800s to 1911 or 1912 (Think Opium War to the 1911 Revolution for China and late Tokugawa to the end the Meiji Period for Japan) 2. 1912 to 1937 3. The Sino-Japanese War, 1937 to 1945. For each period, be sure to show your depth of knowledge by mentioning at least two or three major developments and supporting these assertions with concrete examples.
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