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Binge Drinking and The law

Your detailed outline will provide the skeletal framework for your completed project. The four major headings should be Introduction, Method, Findings, and Discussion. Provide specifics describing what will occur in each heading and subheading of your paper. For each major heading, you should include several descriptive sentences or a short descriptive paragraph. For minor subheadings, a sentence or two is sufficient. If you know which articles will be included in each section, indicate this in your detailed outline. Your detailed outline should be organized in the following manor:Place your working title at the top. Start the introduction section by briefly describing the topic, problem, and questions regarding the policy you intend to explore in your project. Very briefly summarize the literature review. Suggest the gap in knowledge that you intend to address by your own research. The method section should briefly describe how you intend to conduct your research, which in this course project are the three interviews. In your research section, you should:State briefly how you will select, access, and conduct the interviews. Remember you may interview only professionals, experts, administrators, or staff connected with the policy you are studying. The information about the interviewee needs to remain confidential-no names, agency name, or city that could identify the individual should be included. List the questions that you will be asking. Note: You are not conducting the interview at this time. Your outline should only describe who you would like to interview and the questions that you intend to ask. Your instructor will review and approve the questions prior to any implementation. Complying with IRB requirements, avoid any sensitive questions that might embarrass, offend, or implicate anyone in anything. Example questions include: How did the policy or program come into effect? What role did research and scholarship play in the formulation of the policy? What specific needs or issues was it designed to address? How were these needs identified? How did research influence the identification of the need? What societal changes does the policy seek to institute? What discriminatory practices related to gender, race, and sexual orientation might have affected the design, implementation, and assessment of the policy or program? What roles and responsibilities do practitioner-scholars have in relation to this policy or program? How has the policy been progressing, changing, and adapting to the real world? How has it been evaluated and with what results? How has evaluation research affected the program as an ongoing entity? How would you re-design the policy or program to better address public safety problems using criminal justice and public safety practices and policies? How would you assess your solution to the public safety problem? The findings section should lay out how you intend to report what you discover through your research. You should offer three to five subheadings with short sentences clarifying what you intend to cover in each category. These should correlate and reflect the kind of questions you ask of the subjects that were specified in the methods section. Finally, in the discussion section, state that you will summarize your key findings. State that you will suggest a theory or explanation that could account for your findings. (You could suggest which theory you might use.) Indicate that you will compare your findings to elements of the literature review. State that you will explore avenues for further research regarding this policy. And state that you will offer suggestions for improvement in this policy. Submit your Detailed Outline and Interview Preparation in the assignment area Whoever does the outline I would like for them to do the final paper as well
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