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Strategic Plan- Crawford and Co.

Strategic paper outline Finalize your 10-12 page Strategic Plan Paper. The document must follow the Strategic Plan Outline found on in the course materials. Your final strategic plan must thoroughly discuss your decisions while providing rationale and data for those decisions, including any ethical dilemmas. 1. Executive summary 2. Company background 3. Vision statement 4. Mission statement 5. Values statement 6. Environmental analysis a. Internal environment b. External environment 7. Long-term objectives 8. Strategic analysis and choice 9. Plan goals and implementation 10. Financial projections and analysis 11. Critical success factors 12. Controls and evaluation
Strategic paper outline Finalize your 10-12 page Strategic Plan Paper. The document must follow the Strategic Plan Outline found on in the course materials. Your final strategic plan must thoroughly discuss your decisions while providing rationale and data for those decisions, including any ethical dilemmas. 1.
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