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Discussion Post

Prior to completing your post, please review the following sources: The Anatomy of a Discussion Board, (Links to an external site.) the Critical Thinking: A Guide to Skillful Reasoning (Links to an external site.). and the HIS103 Research Guide: Library Resources and Primary Sources. You are the advisor to a now powerful ruler. You must pick a specific society that we are studying this week, as found in Chapters 5 and 6 of your textbook. You have been called upon to provide a report to your ruler on the state of the realm. Select at least three topics from the list below as the central points of your report, and, in a 300-word (minimum) initial post due by Day 3, address the questions within your chosen topics. Due to the amount of writing involved and to avoid timing out, or loss of data due to system crashes, it is recommended that you first compose your post in Word or another text editor, saving frequently, and pasting the text into the forum. Consult the HIS103 Empires of the First Millennium CE Tour (Links to an external site.) for additional sources. Here are some strategies to help bring your report to lifePreview the document. Describe the state of the finances or economic system (your understanding of the financial position or economic system of your society) Does your target civilization have a monetized economy (which means they have and use coins), or is the barter system still the mainstay of the economy? Is long-distance trade carried out for the sake of profit, or is it gift exchange? Describe the state of the armed forces. Is there a professional standing army? A volunteer citizen army? Mercenaries? Conscripted forces? Do you use land forces? Sea power? Describe the state of social relationships. Are they stable, unstable, or calm? Are there uprisings? Is the social fabric of your realm roiled by constant ethnic strife? You can include your understanding or opinion about the social and ethnic fabric of your society—its actual social structure or ideal social structure. Describe the ethics/values/religiosity (your understanding of the ethical or belief systems of your society). Is there religious unity or strife between different factions or faiths? Identify the available raw materials and resources (e.g., minerals, building materials, water, food supplies, etc.). Identify the aesthetic and intellectual achievements in the realm of fine arts, architecture, philosophy, literature. Evaluate gender relationships (meaning your understanding of the roles played by men and women—whether they were their actual roles, or just perceived roles). Remember that you are making your proposal and debating with many advisors during an audience with a powerful ruler. Be persuasive by supplying specific examples that are drawn from course materials or sources produced by your own research to support your position. Cite and format all sources according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center, using both in-text citation and providing full references at the bottom of your post.
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