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Growth and observation assignment

Growth and observation Assignment: • The child may be of any developmental age (newborn to adolescent). • Child observed (first name only) • Age of the child • Age of the child's siblings (if any) • Relationship to the child. Description of Observation: A thorough and complete description of the growth and development of a child you have chosen to observe. Areas observed included personal/social development, physical development (including gross and fine motor skills), language, cognitive and emotional development. Included a thorough listing of the developmental tasks appropriate for a child at this age. Nutrition and other needs should also be covered. Suggested length is 9 pages long. Part 1: Introduction: (Part 2) A. Physical Development: Completed all sections thoroughly below, pertaining to the child observed. 1. Walk 2. Run 3. Jump 4. Use of toys and other age-appropriate equipment (e.g., balls, swing set, bicycles, skateboards, etc.). Had watched the child used the equipment and determined the developmental tasks the child was fulfilling. B. General Health: 1. Appearance – Provided a thorough description of the child’s a. Height b. Weight c. General Appearance (body build, characteristics, descriptive word pictures). d. Grooming (cleanliness, favorite clothes, health habits) e. Birth problems which may affect growth and development (if any) 2. Sleep and Rest Needs a. Number of hours per day - indicated how much time the child naps, how much time the child sleeps at night. b. Fatigue – Described how the child demonstrated fatigue and defended the answer. 3. Nutrition a) Described food intake for a usual day (listed meals and snacks) b) Likes and dislikes c) Mealtime manners d) Snacks – Described how often and what kind. C. Emotional Development: Had given positive and/or negative examples of each section below. 1. Easily excited 2. Whines, cries frequently 3. Temper tantrums 4. Shy 5. Persistence in a task 6. Aggressive 7. Reaction to failure 8. Reaction to authority D. Piaget's Cognitive Development: Identified which levels the child is operating (Sensory Motor, Preoperational, Concrete Operational, Formal Operational), defined and gave examples to support each. E. Psycho-social development: Explained thoroughly the child’s stage of psychosocial development according to Erik Erikson's criteria of growth and development. Enumerated and explained the major tasks to be accomplished. F. Social Development: 1. Communication a) Size of vocabulary - gave examples of words, slang b) Degree of communications (verbal and non-verbal-examples of both) 2. Play pattern (gave specific examples) a) Play with others (cooperative play) b) Play near others (parallel play) c) Special friendships (specific, with examples) d) Tends to lead (when and how - specific) e) Tends to follow (when and how - specific) 3. Degree of friendliness a) With children b) With Adults 4. Ability to share 5. Ability to take turns Part 3:. Summary Provided an in-depth discussion of several things learned from doing this project. Length of this section should be a minimum of 2 pages. Part 4: Conclusion
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