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Your first task for this assignment is to research and find 3 different platforms that relate to the focus technology. Task 1-3 Platform Research Report 750 words maximum for part 1. 12pt font single spaced. - Become familiar with the 3 selected platforms. - Evaluate and list features and benefits of each, for comparison purposes. - Identify industry sectors or segments that each may be suited to, based on your analysis - Report your findings in a manner that can be presented to management in a clear concise manner in terminology that they will understand. - Make recommendations for implementation of a new platform (Waterfall, Agile and Spiral) Task 2 Your second task in this assignment is to develop a process for procurement for one of these chosen platforms. You must present this as a feasibility report with a compelling case as to why the platform was chosen and recommended. The idea behind the second task is to detail in simple terms why management would approve and sign off on your proposal. You will also need to list pricing, lead-times and steps for procurement. Ensure you include an acceptance signoff for your proposal. Ensure correct referencing is used. Assignment 2-Process for Procurement Policy 750 words maximum for part 2. 12pt font single spaced. - Create a proposal and procurement report - List reasons for your selection - Detail a procedure to determine procurement - Report your findings to management in a clear concise manner
Your first task for this assignment is to research and find 3 different platforms that relate to the focus technology. Task 1-3 Platform Research Report 750 words maximum for part 1. 12pt font single spaced. - Become familiar with the 3 selected platforms.
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