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article analysis on gun control

Writing an Analysis/Reading Critique of an Essay or Article The following are characteristics to look for in an effective essay/argument. The ones in all CAPS must be included in your analysis of the article/argument. The others are marked Optional and can be used if you see fit. • CLAIM/TITLE: • Introduction/conclusion (organization)—Optional • OPPOSITION • COMMON GROUND • SUPPORTING EVIDENCE: Statistics Graphs Studies Reports Percentages Numbers • CREDIBILITY: experts (How are they experts?) • Opinion vs. fact—Optional • CONTRADICTION (Mention it only if it is there.) • Language (Sexist? Racist? Does it exploit? Inappropriate tone? Stereotypes?)—Optional • ASSUMPTION (Mention it only if it is there.) Set-Up I. Introduction: Must include author’s name and title of article Must include your Claim re: your overall view of the article. What is the author’s claim? Quote it. Is it strong or weak and why? Quote the Title of the article. Is it well written? Strong? Weak? Explain specifically why it is strong or weak. If it is weak, then give a suggestion for a strong title. II. Opposition/Common Ground: What is the “other side” mentioned in the article (the one that disagrees with the author of the article)? Quote it. The opposition must be quoted fairly and appropriately. Explain why it is quotedfairly or why it is not. Be specific. If it is not, then tell what should have been there to make it an effective opposition. Quote the common ground (the place where there is a “meeting of the minds”, the point where both sides agree before they part ways). If there is not one, mention that as a negative and tell what should have been stated to show common ground re: the topic. III. Supporting Evidence: Give quotes of the strong and weak types of supporting evidence used in the article (1 of each). Tell why it is positive or negative. Tell what should have been written to make it strong if it is weak. (e.g. What is the name of the study/survey? When was it done? Who did it? How many people were used/asked? How many males, females, etc? What racial diversity was used? Where was the study/survey done? IV. Experts/Credibility: Give examples (at least 2) of experts used and tell why those people are or are not experts. What position do they hold and for how long? What vested interest do these people have and why? What makes them credible? Explain. What makes them not credible? What degree do they have? From where? What should have been mentioned in order to prove to the reader that this person, organization, people are experts? V. Conclusion: Give your overall analysis of the article. Be specific. Is it an article you would recommend for someone else to read? Why or why not? In this paragraph, you can also tell whether you agree or disagree with the subject-matter presented in the article as well.
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