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Part I: Short Answer: Answer the following questions in two paragraphs per question. 1. Explain the major aims and identify some of the most important programs associated with the New Deal. 2. Why was the United States so reluctant to get involved in World War II? 3. What was the impact of World War II on American society? 4. Explain the motives and aims of the U.S. policy of "containment." 5. Describe the "six-pronged" defensive strategy developed during the Truman era. 6. How did U.S. involvement in Guatemala, Cuba, and Iran (in the 1950's) reflect Eisenhower's "New Look" in American foreign policy? 7. What key factors contributed to the period of prosperity in the 1950's? 8. Describe and explain the increase in religious participation in America in the 1950's. 9. Describe and analyze the aims and key programs in Johnson's "Great Society." 10. Briefly explain why it was so difficult for three American presidents--Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon--to withdraw from Vietnam, even though they all claimed to want to get out. 11. Explain America's "move to the right" at the end of the 20th century. 12. Explain the Watergate scandal. What events led to it? Why did it lead to Nixon's resignation? 13. What were the costs and benefits of globalization to the United States in the 1990's and early 2000's? 14. What impact did the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 have on U.S. foreign and domestic policies? 15. What was Obama's reform agenda, and what obstacles stood in the way of that agenda? Part II: Essay Answer each in an essay of 4-6 paragraphs. A. Write an essay in which you describe, analyze, and evaluate the struggle for civil rights since World War II. You should have a thesis that reflects your evaluation of the situation during this era, and should support that thesis with numerous details and examples from assigned readings. B. Write an essay in which you explain and analyze the significance of the Vietnam War in American life and history. In doing so, you should have a clear thesis and support that thesis with specific examples from the assigned readings. C. Write an essay in which you describe, how and why has America changed since 1865 in terms of equal rights, economic problems/issues, foreign policy, and/or culture?
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