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Jean-Luc Godard’s "Breathless"; youth culture in postwar France in relation with Americanisation.

It has to be a detailed analysis with original ideas about the film 'Breathless' in terms of youth culture and Americanisation/ 3000 words/ need to include background research of French NEW Wave (Nouvelle Vague) and Jean Luc Godard as well as his film technique as a background information / in relation with post war french society/ Include some sources I indicate below. Handyside, F. (2002) “Stardom and nationality: the strange case of Jean Seberg.” Studies In Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate for the Humanities and Social Sciences 2016-2017 French Cinema. 2(3), pp. 165-176. - Biltereyst, D. (2007). American juvenile delinquency movies and the European censors: The cross-cultural reception and censorship of the wild one, blackboard jungle, and rebel without a cause. In Shary T. and Seibel A. (Ed.), Youth Culture in Global Cinema. University of Texas Press, pp. 9-26. - Neupert, R.J. (2007) A history of the French new wave cinema. 2nd edn. Madison, Wis.: University of Wisconsin Press. -Savage, Jon. Teenage: The Creation of Youth Culture. New York: Viking, 2007. Print * Background part shouldn't take too much of the whole writing. I just want them to be in roughly 2 paragraphs. Impoartant part is original analysis with the support of the sources. Citation need to be done well (properly paraphrased, or directly quoted) as I also will need to submit all the source mentioned from the paper and highlight the part I used in the paper. This will be a very important point, so please keep that in mind. *Harvard style referencing. * 2000-2200 words for the main body parts of detailed analysis * ralatively short introduction and background information. * reach conclusion
It has to be a detailed analysis with original ideas about the film 'Breathless' in terms of youth culture and Americanisation/ 3000 words/ need to include background research of French NEW Wave (Nouvelle Vague) and Jean Luc Godard as well as his film technique as a background information / in relation with post war french society/ Include some sources I indicate below. Handyside, F. (2002) “Stardom and nationality: the strange case of Jean Seberg.” Studies In Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate for the Humanities and Social Sciences 2016-2017 French Cinema. 2(3), pp.
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