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THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE 11PM TONIGHT 8/4/2019 Please answer the following questions 1. In many ways, Homo ergaster represents a major step towards modern humans both physically and culturally. (a) Pick two physical traits of Homo ergaster. Explain in detail why these characteristics are much more humanlike than earlier hominins. Do not pick foreheads, flatter faces, jaws or teeth as your two physical traits. (b) Pick two cultural traits. Again, provide detail as to why they represent a major step forward and why they are significant. Hint: For both parts of the question, be as specific as possible and make sure you describe traits that show important shifts towards modern humans. 2. Sometimes people rely on the term "Neandertal" as a means to insult others with the implication being that the person is dim-witted. If you were called a "Neandertal", what evidence would you refer to that suggested that this should be considered a compliment, not an insult? Hints: Do not simply make a list. Instead, provide four characteristics demonstrating the sophistication of Neandertals. Describe in detail why they are significant and important. You may want to include information about neandertal intelligence along with several cultural features. 3. Suppose that you were at a party and someone asked you to briefly explain what happened in human evolution during the past 2 million years. What would you say? In other words, describe the significant changes that occurred with the emergence of the Genus Homo. What were the significant features of the members of our genus? When and where did they live? How did their behavior differ from the earlier hominins? Hints: Make sure you focus on the Genus Homo, not just Homo sapiens. Your grade for this question will be largely based upon how you summarize the information in layperson's terms. Again, you should answer as if you were talking to a person that knows little about the fossil record. Remember that the Genus Homo includes several different species, not just early members of the genus (Homo habilis and Homo rudolfensis), and also includes modern humans (which you should reference). Stating everything you know about each species is not a good idea. Keep things simple for a non-expert, limiting your answer to a dozen or so sentences. i will provide an attachment to the chapter and videos will be listed below to use to answer these questions. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCES TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS
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