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Movie journal

Take notes about this week’s film for yourself and, after reading the assigned printed text(s), write a journal of 200 words about the required film and text(s) (you can use a recommended text instead). Please write the word count at the bottom of this page and do not exceed the word limit. Film: Murderers among Us (Die Mörder sind unter uns). Dir. Wolfgang Staudte, 1946. Text: Shandley, Robert R. “Coming Home through Rubble Canyons: TheMurderers Are among Us and Generic Convention”. Rubble Films. German Cinema in the Shadow of the Third Reich. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2001: 25 – 46.
Take notes about this week’s film for yourself and, after reading the assigned printed text(s), write a journal of 200 words about the required film and text(s) (you can use a recommended text instead). Please write the word count at the bottom of this page and do not exceed the word limit. Film: Murderers among Us (Die Mörder sind unter uns). Dir.
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