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Statistics Project Part 3

As you get closer to the final project in Week 6, you should have a better idea of the role of statistics in research. This week, you will calculate a one-way ANOVA for the independent groups. Reading and interpreting the output correctly is highly important. Most people who read research articles never see the actual output or data; they read the results statements by the researcher, which is why your summary must be accurate. Consider your hypothesis statements you created in Part 2. Calculate a one-way ANOVA, including a Tukey's HSD for the data from the Happiness and Engagement Dataset. Write a 125- to 175-word summary of your interpretation of the results of the ANOVA, and describe how using an ANOVA was more advantageous than using multiple t tests to compare your independent variable on the outcome. Copy and paste your Microsoft® Excel® output below the summary. Format your summary according to APA format. Submit your summary, including the Microsoft® Excel® output to the assignment. Resources Center for Writing Excellence Reference and Citation Generator Grammar and Writing Guides Learning Team Toolkit
As you get closer to the final project in Week 6, you should have a better idea of the role of statistics in research. This week, you will calculate a one-way ANOVA for the independent groups. Reading and interpreting the output correctly is highly important. Most people who read research articles never see the actual output or data; they read the results statements by the researcher, which is why your summary must be accurate.
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