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EMG and Muscle Fatigue

This lab experiment is about what factors reduce muscle fatigue. For instance, in my experiment, i did some stretching and warming up and see if my muscle fatigue faster than not warming up and stretching. My results are attached below on file. Now i need a lab report. I need a data table and a graph comparison chart as well too. Procedure: 1. Gather materials and connect accordingly 2. Clean Linh’s dominant arm with alcohol wipes and wait for her arm to dry 3. Place the Electrode tabs on Linh’s dominant arm 4. For Test #1, measure Linh’s handgrip force for one minute without her stretching or warming up and record the data as Linh’s arm rests for a minute. 5. For Test #2, measure Linh’s handgrip force for one minute after warming up for 30 seconds and record the data as Linh’s arm rests for a minute. 6. For Test #3, measure Linh’s handgrip force for one minute after stretching for 30 seconds and record the data as Linh rests. 7. Clean up and place the equipment back in its place.
This lab experiment is about what factors reduce muscle fatigue. For instance, in my experiment, i did some stretching and warming up and see if my muscle fatigue faster than not warming up and stretching. My results are attached below on file. Now i need a lab report.
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