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Technical Writing MCT2 Task1

MCT2 Task 1: Find a small technical process document (or pick up to 5 pages from a large one) to critique for this task. An IT process document is one that walks you through the process (the steps) to do something IT related. You will need to submit the entire process document as a separate item, and it needs to be one that you are unfamiliar with, so you can have a realistic view of how effective it is at helping you learn about the given technical information. Two deliverables A. Process Document: Choose a suitable IT process document, per the task instructions (one you are unfamiliar with). You will submit this document as your first deliverable. B. Discussion of Process Document: B1. Audience: Discuss in detail the document’s intended audience. You can’t just name the audience; you must discuss how you know the intended audience, and what the needs and expectations of that audience might be. B2. Genre Conventions: Discuss in detail the genre conventions (technical writing-specific conventions) that are used in this document. Name three or four genre conventions and discuss each one separately. Be sure and discuss the characteristics of each one and how they help make the document effective. B2a. Technical Writing Principles: Explain and justify what tech writing principles are used in this document and how they contribute to its effectiveness. List and justify each principle separately, and be sure and explain how they make the document more effective! B3. Document Design: Evaluate and discuss the effectiveness of the document’s design based on the three given points of structure, design elements, and illustrative components. You will need to thoroughly address each point, and explain how each contributes to the effectiveness of the document. B4. Design Elements: Discuss in detail specific design elements in the document that make it suitable for print. B5. Online Access: Analyze how effective the organization of the document is for online access. You will need to list them, and explain how the specific elements make the document accessible online. B6. Improvement: List improvements you would implement to improve this document’s effectiveness, and be sure and give explanation and justification for each. C. Don’t forget to cite sources throughout your critique, and include an APA formatted References list at the end.
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