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Minimizing Risks When Expanding Markets

In order to make effective marketing strategic decisions, marketers are increasingly drawn to the global marketplace because of the opportunity it represents - think globally, learn/live locally. As markets grow increasingly competitive, as companies find new opportunities, and as the cost of entering foreign markets increases, companies need such planning. If a company is planning to expand its operations in the international markets, what pre-investment measures would you suggests they undertake (plan) to minimize risks of product failure? What are some of the strategies an international marketer should consider? Write 5 pages of text in APA Format with at least 3 references.
In order to make effective marketing strategic decisions, marketers are increasingly drawn to the global marketplace because of the opportunity it represents - think globally, learn/live locally. As markets grow increasingly competitive, as companies find new opportunities, and as the cost of entering foreign markets increases, companies need such planning. If a company is planning to expand its operations in the international markets, what pre-investment measures would you suggests they undertake (plan) to minimize risks of product failure? What are some of the strategies an international marketer should consider?
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