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Home and School Connection

Part One: Parent/Guardian Interview Interview two parents/guardians from different families with school-age children (consider diversity). One of those parents/guardians may be you. Record the responses to the following questions: How do you find out about the activities and decisions of your school? Do you think that the school strives to meet the needs of its students? Is it successful in this venture? Why or why not? Do you feel welcome at the school? Why or why not? Provide an example. What are the strengths and weaknesses of communication from the school? How would you respond to an increase of electronic communication? Would better home and school communication improve your child's education? Why or why not? Part Two: Administrator Questions After interviewing the parents/guardians, construct a series of five to seven questions you could ask administrators about policies of communication to parents/guardians. Consider the following: Strengths and weaknesses Electronic communication Best practices Future trends Challenges Part Three: Faculty Presentation Create a 10-15 slide PowerPoint or Prezi presentation to deliver at a faculty meeting. Include the following: Describe at least three strategies for improving home and school communication. Draw upon the information obtained from Part One: Parent/Guardian Interview and Part Two: Administrator Questions. Include other resources as desired. Include slide notes and images/illustrations. In addition, include a title slide, reference slide, slide notes, key phrases, and images/illustrations. Title slide and reference slide are not included in the 10-15 slides required. Submit the Parent/Guardian Interview, Administrator Questions, and Faculty Presentation as one deliverable.
Part One: Parent/Guardian Interview Interview two parents/guardians from different families with school-age children (consider diversity). One of those parents/guardians may be you. Record the responses to the following questions: How do you find out about the activities and decisions of your school? Do you think that the school strives to meet the needs of its students?
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