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Summary famine affluence and morality

Critical Thinking & Research Course Summary Assignment Instructions General instructions A summary condenses the ideas and information of a text. It emphasizes the central idea (the thesis) as well as the supporting reasons and evidence (the arguments). In serving as a microcosm of a complete text, the summary should impartially identify the ideas in the text. It is important not to distort the original by altering its emphasis and reasoning or by adding tonal features (sarcasm, irony, etc.) not in the original. No editorial or critical comments should be made; the point is to simply summarize a longer article, essay, or chapter of a book so that you may refer back to it without having to reread it in entirety or describe it to your readers when making use of it as research. Format Your summary should be approximately two pages and follow the “Format for Written Assignments.” The summary will be on an article or essay assigned by your instructor, or if he or she permits, on one of your own choosing. If it is the latter, be sure to include a copy of the piece you are summarizing. Your summary should include: an introduction clearly stating the title and author of the piece you are summarizing as well as the main thesis; evidence or arguments offered in support of the thesis by the author; and a final paragraph where you reiterate the main thesis and its primary support. Consult p. 46 in Barnet and Bedau (“A Checklist for Getting Started”). You must include a Works Cited page at the end of the summary, in MLA format, with a single entry for the article summarized. Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Follow the eight intellectual standards for thinking and writing (clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, and fairness). Note Be sure to make clear that these are the author’s ideas, not your own (use phrases like “According to Smith, …” or “Smith then argues …”). Avoid the using direct quotes unless absolutely necessary (see Barnet and Bedau, p. 217 for when quotations are appropriately used). Reread the article after you have written the summary to ensure that you have accurately captured the author’s and only the author’s ideas.
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