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The Formation of a Biblical Worldview - Reflections on a Christian Hymn

Construct a post in which you explore how a Christian hymn (ancient or contemporary) of your choice communicates or fails to communicate the truths of the Biblical worldview. Dr. Donald T. Williams proposes five criteria to evaluate worship songs and music: “(1) biblical truth; (2) theological profundity; (3) poetic richness; (4) musical beauty; and (5) the fitting of music to text in ways that enhance, rather than obscure or distort, its meaning.” Here is a link to Dr. Williams’ inspiring article in Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity. This article will assist you in the construction of your post. Clearly define the theological elements of the hymn, the nature of its lyrical/musical composition. and its relationship to the constituents of the Biblical worldview. Feel free to share the lyrics of the hymn or include a link to a video or sound recording of the hymn on the internet. Construct then a response post to another student in which you discuss their choice of a hymn and a clear description of the Biblical worldview or lack of the Biblical worldview contained therein. The response post should be of equal length to your original post.
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