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Politics and Economics

Master Assignment: Politics and Economics (7-9 pages) Your work continues to impress the AHL editorial staff. We would like to put your talent to use in our “Politics” and “Economics” divisions. The upcoming AHL issue will centerpiece the Great Depression. We would like for you to write a piece that requires a bit of creativity on your part regarding the viewpoint and voice. Act as if you are an AHL political correspondent in 1932 on the eve of the presidential election. Author a piece that presents the reader with the two competing visions concerning the role and responsibilities of government in addressing this devastating economic depression presented by the Republican incumbent and the Democratic challenger. Considerations when authoring this piece: Objective 1: Outlook and Attitude: In what light does each nominee (incumbent Hoover and challenger FDR) depict the conditions facing America? Explain the tone, overall outlook, and attitude of each candidate. What factors do each nominee argue caused this economic calamity? Objective 2: Public Confidence Each nominee appears to be concerned with gaining American confidence. Confidence in the American economy, in the nominee themselves, and most particularly in their respective philosophy. How are they attempting to gain American confidence? Objective 3: Philosophy and Audience What is the role of government in addressing America’s economic conditions? Be specific and distinguish between differing opinions concerning federal, state, and local governments. What are key philosophical differences between the two candidates? Who does each candidate speak to? What demographics of society does each seemed to be directing their campaign toward? Objective 4: Strategy What is the basic strategy for the recovery of the American economy offered by each nominee? What specific measures does each candidate propose in reverting this economic crisis and alleviating human suffering? Objective 5: Endorsement It is often customary for a newspaper to endorse a candidate. We would like for your article after an unbiased presentation of the presidential positions, endorse a candidate and platform. Your endorsement must explain specifically why you believe one candidate to be better suited for the presidency. Ensuring Success: Remember you are a journalist covering the election of 1932. When informing your audience of positions, attitudes, strategies etc, be sure to specifically state when and where a candidate presented this information. Report what voters would be and should be considering before casting their ballot. Be sure to base your commentary off of the events/resources (Master Journalist Resources) that voters considered when going to the polls. Be sure to comprehensively address all concepts outlined in the editor’s instructions. Demonstrate an understanding of the material, time period, and assignment goals. This assignment will also be graded on the writer's ability to construct an article that demonstrates a commitment to the assignments style (voice, political article written during 1932 concerning upcoming election). You will have a slight advantage in writing this piece because you have access to some future speeches and resources that will were not authored/produced until after the election. We would still like for you to use these resources in composing this piece.
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