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Chapter 7

Watch on Youtube 1. Imhotep: The World's First Multi-Genius Published April 1, 2012 2. Movie: Goodbye Uncle Tom (1971) 3. Documentary: Slavery By Another Name Published on Nov 7, 2016 Post a response to Goodbye Uncle Tom and Slavery By Another Name. What did you feel, or think of during or after viewing those movies? Discuss the aspects of slavery that destroyed the stability and continuity of family life for Black people. Many Whites who opposed slavery, such as Abraham Lincoln, did not believe in racial equality. Describe the antislavery movement and its major goals. Why was racial equality not necessarily on the agenda of the abolitionists? Briefly discuss the issue of slavery reparations in light of efforts to address injustices to the American Indians and to the Japanese Americans taken to internment camps during WWII. Why has an official apology never been issued in regards to slavery? Responses should be well thought out. Part 2 Make a positive response to 2 classmates post (at least 150 words per post) Post 1 The material that was assigned for this week provoked an emotional response within me that I truly did not expect to have. I assumed I understood the depths to which African American history had been white washed. …But we know how to cure it. It’s the oldest and the surest, Sugar cane plug clog ‘em and tog, pow ram it in hard…” (Goodbye Uncle Tom min. 11:23-11:31). This is the way Europeans saw fit to deal with enslaved individuals who had the unfortunate circumstance of coming down with diarrhea. From the moment, they stepped from the boat Africans were herded like cattle being pushed through to slaughter. Systematically washed, groomed, examined and dressed to be set out on display for purchase. To see this I could not fathom how they must have felt being in this strange place being handled in such a manner. The enslaved Africans at will were torn away from one another and sold to new owners most times never to see one another again. Slavery by Another Name shows the persistence of the White man to dominate over Blacks. Despite any legal progress made by Blacks in earning freedom, the White man comes up with his own way to maneuver around the law to have Blacks work for free while he profits. This system is still in play today. Prisons are a privet run industry and although they may not be put to work physically prisons get paid for prisoners, the majority of which in the United States is Black or Latino. The African American family to this day continues to struggle with the strains placed on maintaining a strong family dynamic. From the aspect of enslaved African American man being emasculated in the presence of his family and, being deprived of the ability to hold dominion over his household weakened him, To the systematic institutionalization of Blacks taking them away from their roles as head of the house hold. Although some White abolitionists did not believe in racial equality they still felt that slavery was morally wrong. The antislavery movement major goal was to end the enslavement of Blacks. Abolitionist spoke out about the harm that slavery was doing not only to the enslaved peoples but the entire nation, as it had become economically dependent on the enslaved. It was unimaginable to consider racial equality despite believing that slavery was morally unjust because, some still saw Blacks as being only three-fifths of a person as set forth by the Constitution. An official apology has never been made by the United States on Holocaust of Enslavement because, as one of the greatest nations it would be admitting that from its inception it is not as independent as it has always portrayed itself to be. It was built on the contribution of others, in the case of slaves forced labor, but also today the work contributed by the many peoples who have immigrated to this country. To admit guilty and leave itself vulnerable to the possibility of having to pay reparations to Blacks could possibly open the flood gates for others such as the Native Americans whose land they stole to mount a case for reclaiming it. Post 2 Even though I have watched both of these clips before I have the same response and feeling I did when I first watch it sadness and sympathy for my people then and most definitely now. Even though African Americans is no long in slavery we act as though we are. When Joel Freeman said that the Napoleon's soldiers shot the nose and lips of people they concurred i felt like it didn't make since to me. Like he said we will never know why. When we talk about Goodbye Uncle Tom we our discussing the brutality and human beings what the Europeans did to enslaved individuals who couldn't control there bowels because of the stuff they so called food. Because of the fire arms there was no defense so they where treated like cattle herded off to some place they didn't know of. Even though they groomed, dressed and even examined each and everyone of the Africans it was for a good calls to then be auction off. To see this again I still can't understand the feelings they felt to be taken to a strange place to be treated in this manner. To be enslaved then torn away or even death to a mother, child, and father and then sold to new owners to never see each other again. Or if you where together to watch them rape your wife and couldn't do a thing is horrible. When we talk about Slavery by Another Name it shows the determination of White man to take over and dominate the Blacks. Black people our very smart and even they made so progress in the legal area it still wasn't enough to earn them freedom. White people change some things around in the laws to still have Blacks work for free. Remember the chain gang prisoners doing work for free but never reducing there time. As we have come out of so much to still see that the system is still in play in 2017. Prisons who makes up the majority Blacks do they work in the kitchen, laundry room, and making license plates. African Americans still struggle to provide for there families because either they in jail, can't get a job or when they do get a job they can't advance. Remember back when public aide came out the Government came with training for the women to get a job but in the process they where telling the women if they had a man at home that they didn't need him because he wasn't working to provide for the family. Women's where going home and degrading the fathers of their children. That was the Government way of separating the families. The United States will never admit there faults of so many African Americans and there families because then they would have to admit about the Native Americans it will take away from the rich and we all know that a lot of rich people is living off of salve money and power.
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