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The King Company Case4

As you see in the video above, some employers have an "unlimited" vacation policy. Others have an "Employee Time-Off Policy" that allows employees a set number of paid days off regardless of the reason (instead of individual absenteeism, sick days, vacation, short-term leave, long-term leave, FMLA, and other policies). Would it be better for the King Company to have an Employee Time-Off Policy, something similar to the unlimited vacation policy discussed in the video above, or something else? Why? Support your response with research. CBS This Morning Video: Work vs. vacation: from unlimited time to no time off Please see attachment for additional instructions.
As you see in the video above, some employers have an "unlimited" vacation policy. Others have an "Employee Time-Off Policy" that allows employees a set number of paid days off regardless of the reason (instead of individual absenteeism, sick days, vacation, short-term leave, long-term leave, FMLA, and other policies). Would it be better for the King Company to have an Employee Time-Off Policy, something similar to the unlimited vacation policy discussed in the video above, or something else? Why?
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