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Week 3 Assigment / Plagiarism is so important

Instructions Unless otherwise instructed, Lesson Assignments should be prepared in Microsoft Word® using the Times New Roman font, 12 point, single space, double space between paragraphs. Each page must be numbered and your last name and student number included on the upper left hand corner of each page. Each student is responsible for completing all assignments by the required date and time. This course contains a number of lesson assignments and/or case studies. All assignments are to be completed in a Microsoft Word® document conforming to American Psychological Association (APA) formatting standards ( Additionally, please ensure your assignment has a cover page and a separate reference page, see "Example Assignment Submission Template", as an example. For any additional information on APA, please reference the course syllabus. Your lesson assignment responses should be evidenced from the course textbook and/or from peer-reviewed sources not more than 5 years old. In general, Wikipedia is not a professionally-reviewed resource and should not be used as an assignment reference. You must cite your references so that readers can verify your conclusions, and easily determine what is your work, and what is paraphrased or taken directly from other sources. Failure to give credit for the work of others in your assignments and writing projects constitutes plagiarism. The following Short Answer Questions should be completed and submitted to the course faculty via the learning platform for evaluation and grading. Submit your responses to these questions in one WORD document. List the question first, and then your response. Additionally, your responses are to be answered in a paragraph narrative format; not bulletized or numbered lists. In most cases your responses to each individual questions should be no more than 500 words (per question). BU-532 Example Assignment Submission [Template] Chapter 3 - Comparative Advantage and the Gains from Trade Chapter 4 - Comparative Advantage and Factor Endowments 1) Explain how a nation can gain from trade even though not everyone is made better off. Is this a contradiction (explain)? 2) Economic nationalists in developed countries worry that international trade is destroying the national economy. A common complaint is that trade agreements open the economy to increased trade with countries where workers are paid a fraction of what they earn at home. Explain the faulty logic of this argument. 3) Many people believe that the goal of international trade should be to create jobs. Consequently, when they see workers laid off due to a firm’s inability to compete against cheaper and better imports, they assume that trade must be bad for the economy. Is this assumption correct? Why, or why not? 4) Describe the changes in production requirements and the location of production that take place over the three phases of the product cycle. 5) Does intra-firm trade contradict the theory of comparative advantage? Why or why not? 6) General Motors is a U.S.-based multinational, but it is also one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe and South America. How might Dunning’s OLI theory explain the trade-offs GM faced as it decided whether to export to those two markets or to produce in them? 7) Many domestically owned apparel manufacturers buy their garments overseas, sew their labels into them, and then sell them abroad or back into the home market. What are some of the considerations that a clothing manufacturer might go through to choose this strategy instead of producing at home and exporting?
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