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Healthcare Advertising

But for this particular Practitioner Application, I want you to focus specifically on the concept of advertising, which is part of the promotion component of the broader discipline of marketing. The use of advertising to promote health services remains problematic for some, others have no issues with it, and still others are somewhere between these two extremes. I’d like for you to research the pros and cons associated with health services advertising and report your findings. Then, communicate where you stand on the issue and justify your position.
But for this particular Practitioner Application, I want you to focus specifically on the concept of advertising, which is part of the promotion component of the broader discipline of marketing. The use of advertising to promote health services remains problematic for some, others have no issues with it, and still others are somewhere between these two extremes. I’d like for you to research the pros and cons associated with health services advertising and report your findings. Then, communicate where you stand on the issue and justify your position.
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