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Lesson Plan

Project outline: NATIVE AMERICAN (NORTH DAKOTA INDIAN) LESSON PLAN 7th grade Social Studies I. Introduction (paragraph 2 pts for evidence of each) •Overview - briefly/concisely give "nutshell" version of what the project is about. •Preview - state the intention of your project - i.e. During the course of this project I intend to lay out the background/context, curriculum, instruction and assessment (CIA) ..." II. Project Body 18 pts - 2 pts for evidence of each with 2 pts for evidence of transition from one to the other) •Background/Context: What work and study are you engaged in that will shape this project? •How does the reading inform your initial understanding of how to approach your project in a way that establishes a context for your CIA approach? • Your CIA approach: Describe the curriculum or instructional project you would like to promote based on the need(s) in your context. ◦ Please use specific support of the course text and other tools you will refer to in your appendix. (Please pick at least one assessment tool from the text or similar and at least one lesson plan - see SOLAR plan template attached below). ◦Please include a place for standards ◦You will NOT need to include ALL information in the body of your paper - you can reference in you appendix after the reference page at the end of your paper. Example of referencing appendix: •Curriculum: (minimum one page) What will participants know and be able to do? Discuss what is the curricular way in which you are approaching classroom or another educational setting? What set of standards, objectives, targets are guiding your way here - again the course text, supplemental readings may assist or other sources - make sure whatever you use you cite via APA (author, publication date, page number). •Instruction: (minimum of one page) How will you teach it? How will you carry out the instruction in a classroom and/or educational setting you envision yourself sharing this lesson? Be vivid here - "paint a picture" that allows the reader a seat in your classroom while you are engaging those with whom you are teaching and learning. What culturally relevant strategies are you employing so all can share in the learning? Again you will have some kind of activity, worksheet, game, etc. you are utilizing that you can refer to in your appendix (See appendix...). • Assessment (minimum of one page) - How will you know they got it? How will they know they got it? How will you assess those with whom you are teaching and learning - AND how will you assess the progress of your approach overall. The Solar Lesson Plan has elements for this process, but you should also incorporate the rubric suggested in our course text (p. 75, 78) OR something similar to it from another source you choose. •MAKE SURE there is continuity/flow from one area to the next in your paper - all leading to your conclusion... III. Project Conclusion (minimum one page 8 pts) - when finish in this area you should not only summarize the main points from your paper, but also following your summary synthesize your paper into a very vivid picture of the value you have gained from teaching in a culturally responsive or relevant way. Where/how do you see this process proceeding for you into the future? •Reference page (2 pts) - consists of all your sources: course text and supplemental readings and any additional sources used. •Appendix: (8 pts) One appendix will be your Solar Lesson Plan (will can double for standards, etc.), another appendix will consist of a sample of something you will use as part of your instruction/sharing i.e. worksheet, game, group discussion form, etc. The final appendix will be your assessment tool from the course text or an alternative selected from another source of your choice. The assessment of the lesson will be in the reflection portion of the SOLAR Lesson plan.
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