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Financial Strategy - Case Unit 2

I need a help for my online class' case study. It requires the textbook, Corporate Financial Strategy. If you willing to do so, I would be welcome to work with you. Case 5.1, page 81, Henkel: Cost of Capital in a Divisional Structure Case 6.1, page 88, Groupon – Offering up Excuses Case 6.2, page 95, Maintaining Block-Holder Power through Different Classes of a Share Case 6.3, page 96, Hollinger – A Study in Complexity Case 6.4, page 97, News Corp – Shareholders take Action against a Controlling Owner’s use of Corporate Funds Case 7.1, page 119, Some Examples of Corporate Venturing Case 7.2, page 120, Pre-Money Valuation – Think of a Number Case 7.3, page 125, Extract from Financial Statements of a UK Company with a Liquidation Preference Case 8.1, page 136, Marconi PLC: An Unfortunate Financial Strategy Case 8.2, page 144, Coca-Cola Splits
I need a help for my online class' case study. It requires the textbook, Corporate Financial Strategy. If you willing to do so, I would be welcome to work with you.
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