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whole foods is all teams

Instruction 1. Read the article Whole Foods Is All Teams ( This article was written in 1996. So, the company (Whole Foods) depicted in this article can be very different from what it is now. 2. Answer the following questions. Q1. According to the article, Whole Foods (in 1996) utilizes a team compensation practice that is high on outcome interdependence (the concept of outcome interdependence is explained in Chapter 11 of our textbook). What is it? What can be some disadvantages of utilizing this team compensation method? Make a suggestion(s) to Whole Foods to overcome the potential disadvantages of this compensation method considering the team-based work structure that the company utilizes. (15 points) Q2. According to the article, Whole Foods (in 1996) utilizes an open-salary policy. In your opinion, which team process or state (that is explained in Chapter 12 of our textbook) can be affected by this policy? Why? Do you agree with the use of open-salary policy under the team-based work structure of Whole Foods? Why or why not? (15 points) Q3. According to the article, competition is ubiquitous in Whole Foods (in 1996). In your opinion, which team process or state (that is explained in Chapter 12 of our textbook) can be affected by this competitive climate? Why? Do you think it is a good idea to maintain this level of competitive climate for the team-based work structure of Whole Foods? Why or why not? (15 points) Q4. Based on the information in the article, would you want to work at Whole Foods? Why or why not? Focus your answer (or reasons) on the team-based work structure of Whole Foods. (15 points)
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