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harvard case method

This assignment must be done in the Harvard Case Method format not in essay form Instructions: 1. Define the problem – ask yourself what is the underlying problematic circumstance/situation in the case information? DO NOT identify symptoms of the underlying core problem (issue). This process of problem identification is facilitated by listing all the “problems” you believe exist in the case, then, attempting to detect if there is a “direction” or “trend” in all of the “problems” you’ve identified. If there is such a “direction” it probably identifies one underlying problem (issue) that all the identified “problems” point toward while unifying all the “problems." This should result in a statement that embodies the “root” underlying problem. By dealing with this problem (issue) all the “problems” you identified earlier, are solved as well. Typically, that statement of problem is a more broadly stated matter than any singular, previously identified “problem.” Additionally, in order to start the thought process called for in a case study analysis for the benefit of the case analyst, reader/presenter, the problem must be stated in the form of a question that asks one to solve the problem. For example, “How can XYZ company (accomplish the solution to some problem) ….. ? 2. Gather pertinent facts – list the facts that relate only to the problem statement. 3. Develop/propose alternative solutions – list all the ways that the problem could be dealt with in order to bring about a solution. 4. Analyze/evaluate pros and cons of each alternative solution – list the pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages) you can predict could result from each possible alternative if chosen and implemented as the solution to the problem (decision). 5. Make a decision and defend your choice – make a statement of your decision (one of the previously stated alternative solutions), i.e., the alternative solution that emerges, based upon your analysis, as the best. This is your decision. State your reason(s) for choosing this alternative solution for implementation as your decision. The best way to defend your decision is to state why you did not choose the other available alternative solutions. Please Note: Additional Requirement for Case Study Assignment – provide a brief update on the company involved in the case, ideally regarding the problem/issues dealt with in the textbook case – to be researched AFTER you conclude writing your case analysis assignment. This is a kind of, “where are they now?” update.
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