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CREATED ON 17th February 2017
COMPLETED ON 18th February 2017
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Public Speaking

Persuasive speech on Infectious disease with in text citations etc, must have references
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I want it an informative speech that is between 5-7 minutes, I attached a rubric and an outline, i want the outline to be completed first, then start with the speech and i want it zero plagiarism.
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I have a already written essay. Your task is "rewrite" this essay in professional version. Please completely rewrite original essay, to prevent plagiarism. Also, I want you rewrite essay while following prompt (instruction).
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Okay so this is simple, even though it looks complicated. I will upload my friend's previous semester Lab report and one other report from the same semester to help you paraphrase and get the idea of the actual lab and how we have to do it. PLEASE, read both labs before doing it! It is very important that my lab do not match with these labs since my professor uses a software..
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Write a 2-page reaction paper on the first three chapters of Engaging God’s World by Cornelius Plantinga Jr. A brief review of the work and a statement on the author's effectiveness in presenting the argument • A critical assessment of those things with which you agreed • A critical assessment of those things with which you disagreed • How the reading affected..
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URGENTLY!!! Please answer all the questions in the attachments. This is an urgent task, a quiz. I have 2 hours only.
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Personal narrative

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