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Research Proposal-Food Desert

Signature Assignment: Applied Social Work Research Proposal Use the following headings in the body of your paper: I Problem & Objectives Evidence Based Practice Based Intervention Clearly identify the Evidence Based Practice (EBP) intervention you are utilizing in this proposal. Clearly identify and describe why this intervention is relevant to your study and identify reasons for this assertion. Proposal Objective(s) Clearly define the objective(s) of your proposed study. Implications for Policy & Practice Clearly identify the specific implications of your proposed area of research for social work practice and policy.  II Literature Review Overview Provide a brief overview of your literature review topic. Search Process Describe how you searched for your scholarly articles (e.g.; how did you go about the search process, what databases did you utilize, and which keywords were the most effective). Body Concisely summarize the key research findings you discovered via your literature review. Make sure to cite each of your studies.  Conclusion Summarize what you learned from your literature review and how it influenced the overall direction of your study. References (This section should be located at the end of your paper.) Make sure to include a complete list of references at the end of the paper and use accurate in-text citations throughout the body of your paper. III Conceptual Framework  Clearly identify your research question, hypothesis, variable, and operational definition(s). Note: it is perfectly acceptable to only have one research question and hypothesis. In some cases you may have more than one. As a general rule, the more simple, straightforward, and focused you are with your approach to the research study, the easier it will be to implement (and write-up).  Make sure to use the following headers:  Research Question Hypothesis Variable Operational Definitions IV Measurement Description of Measurement Instrument Clearly describe the specific qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-method measurement instrument(s) you intend to use in your study.  Justification for Using Measurement Instrument Also, provide a clear rationale for why you selected this measurement instrument (or instruments) for your study. Use the following headers:  V Study Participants & Sampling Plan Participants Specify the participants in your research study including the population that you will be gathering data from, the number of participants that you estimate will be included in the study, as well as, your justification for selecting this number of individuals. Criteria Clearly describe the inclusion and exclusion criteria you will use to select participants and describe your rational for choosing these criteria. Sampling Plan Identify the sampling plan you will use in the proposed study. Recruitment & Retention Clearly describe your method for recruiting and retain participants. VI Study Design and Data-Collection Methods Data Collection Specify how you will collect the data for your study—including when, where, and by whom will your data will be collected. Qualifications of Researchers Describe the expertise and experience qualifications will you seek in your researchers (specifically, those individuals who will be collecting data)--including how will you recruit and train these individuals, and what will be done to avoid or minimize bias amongst the people who collect data. Feasibility  Identify the feasibility issues that may need to be addressed in order to implement your study (e.g., agency cooperation with your proposed procedures, recruiting participants, the amount of time it will take for respondents to complete your instruments or interviews, etc.)?  VII Data Analysis & Dissemination of Information Data Analysis Plan Clearly describe your method for analyzing data.   Dissemination Plan Identify your plan for disseminating the results of your research that are appropriate for the professional practice setting you have selected (e.g., presentations at agency meetings attended by those whose practice or research can be guided by your findings, publications, etc.) Conclusion, Outcomes, & Contribution of the Study Provide a concluding statement where you clearly and succinctly summarize and describe the ways in which this research proposal would contribute to the lives of clients, the setting(s) where the research would take place, and the existing body of applied social work research literature.
Signature Assignment: Applied Social Work Research Proposal Use the following headings in the body of your paper: I Problem & Objectives Evidence Based Practice Based Intervention Clearly identify the Evidence Based Practice (EBP) intervention you are utilizing in this proposal. Clearly identify and describe why this intervention is relevant to your study and identify reasons for this assertion. Proposal Objective(s) Clearly define the objective(s) of your proposed study. Implications for Policy & Practice Clearly identify the specific implications of your proposed area of research for social work practice and policy.  II Literature Review Overview Provide a brief overview of your literature review topic.
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