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For your first essay, you will write about one of the stories we have read. Ultimately, you will come up with your own focus for this essay. You may decide to analyze the story theme or you might decide to put the primary text in conversation with topic relevant to the short story (i.e. "The Future Looks Good" analyzed in light of information about the Biafran War). Regardless of your focus, you are required to quote from the primary text to support your argument. Your final essay should be 4-6 pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman. For this first paper, I want to see that you can make your own argument about the text. While you can use outside sources for the text, you should limit yourself to only 2 outside sources. If you choose to use outside sources, these sources should not discuss the primary text you are writing about. Your essay should have the following parts: An introduction with a thesis statement that makes an argument about the chosen work. You should build to your thesis, so your thesis is the last thing the reader sees in your introduction Ways to build to your thesis include: Use a quote that relates to the topic/argument of your paper Use a quote from the text that you don't intend to use later in your paper Tell a story that relates to the topic/argument of your paper Offer a brief summary of the works before moving to the argument Body paragraphs (more than three -- we are beyond writing five paragraph essays ☺) Each body paragraph should begin with an argument that helps you prove your thesis. To be an argument, the topic sentence has to give you something to prove; it cannot be a plot fact. The best topic sentences will make a claim about both works. Topic Sentence that does not make an argument: Papa Eugene is Catholic. This is not an argument because the author tells us this fact within the text. Topic Sentence that does make an argument: Papa Eugene's violent adherence to his faith mirrors the violence present in Nigerian culture. This is an argument because it requires you to interpret Papa Eugene's practice of religion but also how Adichie portrays Nigerian culture. You have to prove/show how you see that Papa Eugene violently adheres to his faith as well as how Nigerian culture is filled with violence at this time. The author doesn't come out and tell us this information; rather, she writes the novel in a way that allows us to interpret this. Evidence from the text to support your point As a general rule, you should use two pieces of textual evidence per paragraph to support your points. You need to introduce the quotes and explain how they support your point. For examples on how to do this, see the Integrating Quotations Handout as well as the "Annoying Ways People Use Sources" video. Cite the author's name and page number for every quote (MLA format) A conclusion that wraps up your argument in a creative way. A Works Cited page (MLA format) Remember, the great thing about literature is that it is always alive, so be sure you write your essay in present tense!
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