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Define Postmodernism

Compose a brief, personal, working definition for the term postmodernism and discuss the ministerial implications. This learning activity will help you understand and articulate the meaning of postmodernism. It is an often used but seldom defined term. You will clarify its meaning. Each student will write a short [5-6 pages] definition paper [double spaced, normal font and margins] interacting with postmodern culture. In this paper, the student will define postmodernism and culture and discuss the role culture plays in her/his theological method. The paper must discuss specific ways that theology/ministry is contextualized in a postmodern world. This statement should be a synthesis of the material covered in the videos in this module and your own study of the subject. The purpose for this definition is NOT to summarize the various options or the legitimate views of this issue. Rather, the purpose for this definition is to state your own belief regarding the nature of postmodernism. But your belief must be defended, must be explained, must be supported, must be based upon evidence; it is not acceptable to merely make unsubstantiated assertions. Warning: use internet sources carefully and critically. Synthesize the material covered in this module's videos, in the required reading, and from your personal study of the subject. Format your paper according to Turabian. Support your assertions. You must also support assertions of others, even if they do not provide evidence. Cite biblical, theological, and historical support in footnotes. Attach a bibliography. Be fair and gracious toward those who hold other views.
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