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International Business - Problem-Based Learning Activity 2

Take on the role of a consultant hired by Microsoft to analyze opportunities associated with moving some operations overseas. In this essay, come up with three alternative ways that your firm can use to open international operations. First, pick out three alternative ways that Microsoft can use to enter the market that your team chose. Turnkey Contracts Joint Ventures Wholly Owned Subsidiaries - Greenfields Wholly Owned Subsidiaries - Acquisitions Exporting Licensing Franchising Analyze the risks and opportunities for your firm with each of the alternatives. Summarize which alternative you think will be best for your firm and why. Requirements: Write a 4 page paper in APA format. Make sure to cite any sources used in the research.
Take on the role of a consultant hired by Microsoft to analyze opportunities associated with moving some operations overseas. In this essay, come up with three alternative ways that your firm can use to open international operations. First, pick out three alternative ways that Microsoft can use to enter the market that your team chose. Turnkey Contracts Joint Ventures Wholly Owned Subsidiaries - Greenfields Wholly Owned Subsidiaries - Acquisitions Exporting Licensing Franchising Analyze the risks and opportunities for your firm with each of the alternatives.
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* Answer Case 15-1 questions from the textbook. * Your answers must be written in a short essay format APA Style of Writing, no less than a full page (300 words) per answer in written content and you must be original with your answers 70% or higher of your own words. It is important to also cite at least three sources the textbook(Supervisory Management by Donald C...
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Ethical behavior can be subjective from one country to another. For example, bribery is considered a normal part of business in some countries. Should U.S. companies accept business practices like bribery when doing business oversees of conform to U.S. ethics? Why? Could it impact a company’s ability to compete with other companies? How does it impact American..
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Take on the role of a consultant hired by Microsoft to analyze opportunities associated with moving some operations overseas. In this essay you will analyze three potential countries to outsource operation to. Conduct research on the opportunities, risks, advantages, disadvantages of outsourcing operations to each country. Summarize which country you..
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Different countries have different legal systems that should impact a company’s decision to do international business. Some countries limit foreigner’s ability to conduct legal action against their citizens. Some do not allow foreigners to be involved in legal issues at all. Pick a country and analyze the type of legal system the country has. Explain its..
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Read the case studies below and answer the questions at the end of each case study. Chapter 2: Case: Ghana: An African Dynamo Question 1 – 6 Chapter 3: Case: Revolution in Egypt Question 1 – 4 Requirements: Write a 4 page paper in APA format. Make sure to cite any sources used in the research.
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* Answer the following questions: Explain what happened to productivity of U.S. firms in the 2007. Identify some of the steps that supervisors can take to improve their department's productivity. Describe some ways in which supervisors impact safety performance. * Your answers must be written in a short essay format APA Style of Writing, no less than a full..
it has to be a criminal justic topic that hasnt been done before that isnt a broad topic
The topic can not be broad! It has to a be criminal justice topic that hasn't been done before that isn't a broad topic the literature review need 5-10 different sources The question needs to be testable Elements of a Research Proposal Title Page Introduction to the topic and purpose statement (1 page) Literature Review (3-4 pages) discuss the background research..
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Identify the responsibilities of the hospice nurse. If you were a hospice nurse what will you do differently. add an abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, reference list references cant be older than 2010
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Log on to the CDC website to obtain the most recent guidelines for treating persons with HIV? AIDS, STD's, or Tuberculosis, Ebola. Discuss the Guidelines. add an abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, reference list references cant be older than 2010
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TOPIC A: What is culture? Define culture and explain its importance in shaping people's behaviors, values, traditions, and practices. Then, choose a culture (it can be American culture, your own culture, a subculture, or counterculture) and examine their beliefs, practices, etc. from a sociological perspective. Make sure to discuss elements of both material..
In Reading 5 of the Risman & Rutter book, "The Evolution of American Families," Stephanie Coontz" explains how families have changed over time in the United States. The following post may be made on the same day or on different days anytime during this discussion period. In your first post: Begin by selecting and summarizing one characteristic of families in..
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i need 5 paragraphs essay with citation and information from credible sources
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The previous mini-lecture identified four types of family volence: Intimate partner violence (IPV) Child maltreatment Sibling Abuse Elder mistreatment, In the first post to this discussion select one of these groups, for this topic. Describe how women, children or the elderly can be victims of this violence: How prevalent is violence for the chosen group?..
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pick up a movie
My fileQ1
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