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In Reading 5 of the Risman & Rutter book, "The Evolution of American Families," Stephanie Coontz" explains how families have changed over time in the United States. The following post may be made on the same day or on different days anytime during this discussion period. In your first post: Begin by selecting and summarizing one characteristic of families in the US prior to the 1900's (If possible use a characteristic not identified by another student). In a second post: Describe how this characteristic is different from more contemporary notions of the role and function of family? In a third post: Based on the the differences between families past and present consider the idea that family was stable until the contemporary era and is now in "decline". How would the author of the article respond to such a claim? What evidence might you find in her article to support your position? In a fourth post: respond to at least one other students post with substantive comments. (You are free to make any additional posts or identify web sites that can contribute to our discussion.) Image: Family photo of the Louds, who were the subject of a 12 part television documentary, "An American Family", that aired on PBS stations in 1973. During the course of the documentary, son Lance announced he was gay, making him the first person on television to do so. The Loud parents' relationship ended during the filming of the documentary, with Pat asking Bill for a divorce and to leave the family home. The documentary was an example of early reality television. (By PBS-Public Broadcasting System (eBay item photo front photo back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons) Based on your readings and our lectures you have learned that race and ethnicity have contributed to the diversity of families within our society. Racial discrimination and inequality have also shape the lives of minority families. Inequality in economic, educational and criminal justice has impacted families and has been linked to higher rates of poverty, health problems and other family stress in some groups. As seen inthe recent protests surrounding police shootings of African-Americans racism is an ongoing issue in the US for families who are members of minorities. After reviewing the Mini Lectures and readings of this Module on this issue. Let’s discuss! In your first post to this discussion share your experiences of race and ethnicity within your family or a family known to you. Did this family suffer from discrimination now or in the past? Consider if language or cultural influence including traditions, religion, behavioral patterns, were helpful to the family in confronting oppression? In a second post consider how social systems of inequality (for example, racial profiling, hiring and promotion discrimination, second class education facilities, Jim Crow laws or laws restricting interracial marriage etc..) impact this family now compared with the past. Did a history of inequality and racism continue to impact this family today? In a third post compare the experiences of this family with those described by another student. Love and Marriage a young couple looking into each others eyes while walking arm in arm down a crowded city sidewalk Section Four of the “Looking at Love and Marriage” Lecture described a shift away from traditional economic marriages that prioritized children; were considered a mark of adulthood; and a source of economic support for women. Today the idealization of love has led to greater importance of the relationship at the heart of today’s marriage. The economic marriage could survive a frigid relationship. Today the relationship at the heart of the love marriage determines if it and the family will survive, prosper or fragment. Let’s discuss: In your first post to this discussion, using Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love, or Lee's Styles or Exchange Theory or Ira Reiss' Wheel Theory of Love (see pages 151-157 of the Benokraitis text) consider your own love relationships. How they fit into one or more of these models? In a second post, consider the shift away from traditional economic marriages toward the idealization of love marriages in the modern era. Describe one way this has addressed either: contemporary dating, singlehood, cohabitation or communication within relationships, Did it impact your present or past relationships? (Browse Chapters 8, 9, and 10 of Benokraitis for material to use to support your response) In a third post. what would be best for you: a traditional economic marriage, a contemporary love marriage, or cohabitation? Why? (In your reply apply what you have learned about the reasons why individuals have sex discussed by Benokraitis on page 172 to 173)
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