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Disgrace Novel: Evaluate Minor character Petrus

In addition to being written at college-level, your essay must meet the following criteria. Include an introduction with a clear thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use at least three quotes from the book. When citing your sources, use MLA style for literary essays. It is helpful to keep your handbook open to the MLA tab as you write. Minimum 850 words (more complex topics might require more) Language: This is a composition class -- your writing and grammar count. Use specific supporting details from the book and at least two from outside sources. Go to the Miami Dade Databases (not Google) for your sources. The following are not acceptable sources: Class Lecture Notes Textbooks Study Guides (SparkNotes, Cliff Notes, BookRags etc.) Wikipedia/ Encyclopedias Dictionaries Popular Magazines (People, Glamour etc.) Popular information websites such as or Personal Blogs No Wikipedia. Read Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee in its entirety before beginning your paper. Take notes as you read. Mark some interesting passages and save necessary source information (such as page numbers) for your in-text documentation and your Works Cited list. Think about the topic and approach you chose located in the Topics and Approaches page. Do not simply repeat or summarize the story. Write your well-constructed thesis, topic sentences, supporting details roughly before beginning. Do some research. It's important to know a bit about apartheid and post-apartheid South Africa before you begin the paper. Take notes and save necessary source information for your Works Cited list. Use at least two outside sources from scholarly sites or journals. Look at sample papers to refresh your memory concerning the format in Rules for Writers, 8th edition. Write a minimum 850-word (or more if necessary) for a good literary essay. Use formal language and the third person, avoiding personal anecdotes and eliminating all references to yourself at all (I believe, in my opinion, etc).
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Unification of ItalyQ: Describe & Explain the Unification of Italy.The Unification of Italy splits in to a few main phases: 1815-1830: Revolts all over Italy. Revolts happen to be suppressed. 1848-1849: Revolts all over Italy. Revolts are suppressed. 1858-1870: The unification of ItalySummary of understand the concentration of Italia, matters before the revolution should be examined.Involve that much 1716, Italia was simply a big piece of land divided between small kingdoms of monarchs. (ref. L. O. #1 p. 29)When napoleon Bonaparte conquered Italy, this individual left these people 3 points, which were probably the key characteristics in the innovation: - Efficient Government. - A practical demonstrations of the benefits from a single Italy - Hatred towards foreign impact.After the fall season of Napoleon, the major Euro powers (Austria, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, & Prussia) the fact that was to be finished with Italy, which was..
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