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Medicaid and birth control pills

There are many law/policies that relate to Reproductive Health and Children’s Health 4 pages that address a topic that is related to reproductive health OR children’s health. Your topic should have a relatively narrow scope in order for you to be able to answer the questions for this assignment. Topic: Medicaid and birth control pills • Your paper should include (but does not have to be limited to): • A clear and concise overview of the topic. • The political views that influence the topic. • The circumstances that have lead the development of the law/policy. • The laws/policies that govern the topic. • How the law/policy influence culture. • Your opinion on the need to repeal the law/policy or should it remain. Supported by data. • One paragraph that discuss what you learned from this assignment. Written in 12 font, double spaced, include APA references and citations. The cover page and references are not part of the 4 required pages.
There are many law/policies that relate to Reproductive Health and Children’s Health 4 pages that address a topic that is related to reproductive health OR children’s health. Your topic should have a relatively narrow scope in order for you to be able to answer the questions for this assignment. Topic: Medicaid and birth control pills • Your paper should include (but does not have to be limited to): • A clear and concise overview of the topic. • The political views that influence the topic.
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