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The impact of recent financial and economic news on a multinational company

2000 words。 All the analyses and explanations need to be substantiated using concrete figures, data and graphs from Datastream, Bloomberg, ONS (Office of National Statistics), World Bank, OECD or any other relevant data sources. Choose a multi-national company you would like to focus on examining. For example, Alibaba, Apple, Microsoft, BMW… State which particular regional or international economic and/or financial news or developments you would like to focus on and use one small paragraph to summarise what the news or event is about. For example, US raise interest rate; Turkey’s currency devalued; UK finally exiting the EU without any trade deal….. Then analyse how this economic or financial issue might impact on your chosen MNC. For example, would the increase in US’s interest rates benefit your chosen MNC, if so, in what ways? If not, what area of your chosen MNC be mostly affected and why? What could be done to minimise this adverse influence in advance? How would this economic or financial event influence the parent company and its subsidiaries or overseas operations? You must use the "Guidelines on preparing your individual report" document to write a report Write a report in the same way as the template. Another document is the requirement to write a report
2000 words。 All the analyses and explanations need to be substantiated using concrete figures, data and graphs from Datastream, Bloomberg, ONS (Office of National Statistics), World Bank, OECD or any other relevant data sources. Choose a multi-national company you would like to focus on examining. For example, Alibaba, Apple, Microsoft, BMW… State which particular regional or international economic and/or financial news or developments you would like to focus on and use one small paragraph to summarise what the news or event is about. For example, US raise interest rate; Turkey’s currency devalued; UK finally exiting the EU without any trade deal…..
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