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Research Paper on Police Brutality

Topic Your topic must be a controversial issue related and approved by your instructor, and Must be an issue that can be debated using logic and factual data from audience appropriate sources. Do not select a topic that is based on belief, faith, personal opinion, or that has been overdone (abortion, legalizing medical marijuana, death penalty, etc.). Decide who your audience is. (Your audience must be people who have the power to decide or change the issue, e.g., legislators, voters, the city council, the local school board, etc.) Decide what stand you will take on this issue, i.e., which side of the controversy you support. (Note: this will become your thesis.) Write a 1200 – 1500 word paper with at least seven (7) sources that are credible and appropriate to the audience/topic, documented in MLA style. Note: You can use some “non-scholarly” sources as long as: You have at least seven appropriate sources and your scholarly sources outnumber your non-scholarly ones and All of your sources are appropriate for your audience (i.e., they are sources that your audience will consider credible and trustworthy).
Topic Your topic must be a controversial issue related and approved by your instructor, and Must be an issue that can be debated using logic and factual data from audience appropriate sources. Do not select a topic that is based on belief, faith, personal opinion, or that has been overdone (abortion, legalizing medical marijuana, death penalty, etc.). Decide who your audience is. (Your audience must be people who have the power to decide or change the issue, e.g., legislators, voters, the city council, the local school board, etc.) Decide what stand you will take on this issue, i.e., which side of the controversy you support.
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