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Magic Realism in Chac Mool

Write a 3-page paper to discuss Magic Realism in "Chac Mool". Begin your paper with a clear definition of Magic Realism and its characteristics drawn from the two articles you read in this unit. Then discuss Magic Realism in "Chac Mool" by providing concrete textual evidence you find in the short story. What is the "magic" and what is the "real" reflected in this story? Next, talk about the Symbolism in the story. What is the key message of this short story? What is Chac Mool as you may remember from the previous lectures at the beginning of the semester? What is the Symbolism of Chac Mool in this short story? How Magic Realism is used to represent the past and the present in Mexican society? Details: Your papers are to be 3-page long, double spaced, 12-pt. font, with standard margins.
Write a 3-page paper to discuss Magic Realism in "Chac Mool". Begin your paper with a clear definition of Magic Realism and its characteristics drawn from the two articles you read in this unit. Then discuss Magic Realism in "Chac Mool" by providing concrete textual evidence you find in the short story. What is the "magic" and what is the "real" reflected in this story?
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