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I need a reply to this post: Shivani Patel, a former executive assistant of a Walthom-based technology company, was arrested on June 19, 2019. She was arrested and charged with fraud and association with an embezzlement scheme against her employer. While working for the company, Patel's job mainly consisted of overseeing the acceptance, processing, and deposit of customer check payable to her employer. In February of 2012, Patel would begin her embezzlement plans by funneling funds from her employer. She was able to accomplish this by creating a company who's name was nearly identical to that of her employer (she just added an "s"). From their, Patel would redirect the collected funds to an account she made using her new "company", and submit false entries to her employer's billing system. ( "Former Executive Assistant..., 2019). According to the U.S Attorney's Office (2019), there are multiple punishments for individuals arrested for the fraud and embezzlement. Patel can be sentenced to a maximum of 30 years in prison, followed by 5 years of supervised release. Patel may also face a fine of $1 million, restitution and forfeiture ( "Former Executive Assistant..., 2019). As there has yet to be any definitive sentencing for Patel, I do believe that the possibilities and options are sufficient, and therefore agree with them. However, they would have to be upheld and I think that is the largest issue with not only this crime, but many other white-collar crimes. For the most part, individuals charged with white-collar crimes also have the means of lessening their punishment, whether it's through influence, money to pay off fines, or connections. Furthermore, these individuals are also more likely to have their sentences lessened because their crime isn't violent and/or immediately harmful to the public. In order to prevent these crimes in the future, I believe that we need very clearly defined minimum sentences and punishment. This would ensure that these criminals are punished properly, regardless of any public/political standing and influence. According to the text (2014) , stricter regulations may also prove to be a more efficient preventative measure. These regulations would be able to identify crimes before they become intricate, which would minimize damage. Also, these regulations would generally make it more difficult to execute similar schemes and act as a deterrent. It must be two paragraphs, and you agreeing and explaining why with supporting evidence and concepts from the readings or a related experience. Include a reference, link, or citation (s). Be organized in your thoughts and ideas. Incorporate correlations with the assigned readings or topics. Stay on topic. Provide evidence of critical, college-level thinking and thoughtfulness in your responses or interactions. Avoid summarizing. Contribute to the learning community by being creative in your approaches to topics, being relevant in the presented viewpoints, and attempting to motivate the discussion. Be aware of grammar and sentence mechanics. Use proper etiquette. Remember that being respectful is critical. I need it done in 10 hours.
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