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Management of Perioperative Patients

1. What is the difference between a minor surgery and a major surgery? Give at least 5 examples of each. (20 points) 2. What is the importance of medical clearance in an individual before submitting the patient to a major surgery? (5 points) 3. As a registered nurse how are you going to prepare the patient physically and emotionally before surgery? (10 points) 4. A patient was admitted to Unit 4 less than 24 hours who is status post abdominal surgery. Give at least three possible complications post-operatively as a result of poor nursing care. As a nurse how would you be able to perform an adequate care in order to prevent this complications? (10 points)
1. What is the difference between a minor surgery and a major surgery? Give at least 5 examples of each. (20 points) 2.
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