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SUBJECT AREA Criminology
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Use of computers in the modern investigative process of serial killers

Your paper should be a total of not less than five (5) pages in length. Out of that five-page paper, the first and last page should be the title page and the bibliography.This paper must be written in MLA format.Sources, titles, and authors that can be verified or web pages that the URL that can be verified. At least three (3) sources with at least one being a web page (It is acceptable to use web pages for all three sources.) No textbook references as sources.
Your paper should be a total of not less than five (5) pages in length. Out of that five-page paper, the first and last page should be the title page and the bibliography.This paper must be written in MLA format.Sources, titles, and authors that can be verified or web pages that the URL that can be verified. At least three (3) sources with at least one being a web page (It is acceptable to use web pages for all three sources.) No textbook references as sources.
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