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(Annotated Bibliography+Popular Culture Criticism Essay) both about same subject that I will include later

The annotated bibliography assignment asks you to provide annotations for 5 credible sources. These annotations will include: An APA citation for the source A sentence summary of the source A sentence about the credibility of the source A sentence explaining how you plan to use the source in your paper. Essay Requirements: 1500-1600 words (not including title page, abstract, or reference page) APA format (double-spaced w/title page, abstract, and reference page) Minimum of five sources (not including images) 2 images w/captions Creative title and headings In this essay, you will build upon your argument skills to analyze and deconstruct an artifact (examples at the end of the document) of popular culture. The essay should contain four major sections: Introduction: Here, you will introduce the artifact that you’ve chosen, why it is important to analyze, etc. You will also provide your thesis/argument and a brief preview of the rest of the essay. Background/Context: Here, you will contextualize the artifact for your audience, providing relevant background information about your artifact and the discourse surrounding it. In this section, you are “setting the scene” for your reader. Imagine that your reader has never heard of your chosen artifact. What information would they need in order to fully understand your analysis of its persuasive appeal? In this section, you can provide a brief summary of the artifact (e.g. a synopsis of the film, a description of the photograph, etc.). You can also discuss the political/cultural events that affect the artifact (e.g. if you're analyzing political cartoons about immigration, you'll want to discuss the current status of the immigration debate). This section prepares the reader for the analysis in the next section. Ethos/Pathos/Logos: Here, you will examine your artifact according to the three major rhetorical appeals. Note that you do not have to include all three in your analysis if you feel that they do not apply. You may only need one of the appeals, or some combination of the three. In other words, do not force an analysis of logos if you don't feel that your artifact uses logos. Which of the appeals seem to be most evident in the artifact? Which appeals do most of the persuasive "work" in the artifact? Conclusion: Finally, you will wrap up the essay by drawing some conclusions about the persuasive potential of your artifact. What are the real world implications of your artifact? Is this artifact effective in its persuasion? Why or why not? What impacts might it have on the general public?
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