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Branch Davidian Cult

The Branch Davidian cult was known for its confrontation with law enforcement in Waco, Texas during the early 1990's. Do you think the Branch Davidian cult was justified in its actions or was law enforcement correct in engaging in suppression efforts? Why? If you were in charge of law enforcement during the confrontation at Waco, Texas, how would you have handled this sensitive situation? Please provide details. Make sure the writing assignment is one page in length, double spaced.
The Branch Davidian cult was known for its confrontation with law enforcement in Waco, Texas during the early 1990's. Do you think the Branch Davidian cult was justified in its actions or was law enforcement correct in engaging in suppression efforts? Why? If you were in charge of law enforcement during the confrontation at Waco, Texas, how would you have handled this sensitive situation?
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