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Consider how Damien’s family can be supported by professionals working in a multi-agency way.

ED4012 Resubmission Guidance Task 2 Task 2 (3000 words + or – 10%) Based on the case study outlined below, consider how Damien’s family can be supported by professionals working in a multi-agency way. Further Guidance and Suggested Word Count Introduction Please introduce the aims of the assignment clearly and briefly (250 words) 1. Who are the professionals who may be working involved in supporting Damien and his family? For this section you need to refer to the learning/behaviour/health needs experienced by Damien, and consider who may be involved in supporting him with these needs, for example his key worker, the SENCO, and other health professionals. You also need to identify and write about the specific strategies that they may use to address and support his needs (600 words) 2. What are some of the processes that they may use when working as a multi-agency team to support Damien and his family? For this section, you need to consider some of the processes that may be used, for example the Team around the Child meeting, the Common Assessment Framework or Early Help Assessment, an Individual Education Plan or an Education, Health and Care Plan. You must also refer to how the parent’s and the child’s voice will be involved in this process (800 words) 3. What are the benefits of multi-agency approaches for Damien and his family? For this section, you need to refer to the research and literature available on Moodle (and discussed in chapter 7 of the core book, Wall, K. (2011) Special Needs and Early Years) about the benefits of the multi-agency (also called interagency) approach. How will this approach benefit Damien and his family? (500 words) 4. What are some of the possible challenges of the multi-agency approach? As with section 3 you need to refer to the research and literature available on Moodle (and discussed in chapter 7 of the core book, Wall, K. (2011) Special Needs and Early Years) about the challenges of the multi-agency (also called interagency) approach (500 words). Conclusion Summarise the key themes of the assignment, and what has been covered in your discussions (350 words) References: You need to cite the sources you have used to gather the information for the assignment using Harvard referencing system. Please ensure you refer to Cite them Right online to check your in text citations and your reference list. The essay needs to be written in the third person…. “ this assignment will explore…….” Remember to use Studiosity to check the structure and grammar of your work. Consider how you can ensure each paragraph has a topic/theme and there is a clear discussion/flow between the paragraphs. Case study ‘Damien’ Case Study Damien is a 4 year old boy with Down Syndrome. He has recently moved to the UK from Moldova and is learning English as an additional language. Damien can understand simple instructions in his home language (Romanian) and speak a few words when accompanied by visual cues (hello/goodbye). He has difficultly forming and articulating some sounds. Damien can understand some instructions in English when accompanied by visual cues. He can become very frustrated if he is asked to leave activities of his choosing to participate in group tasks (snack/story time) sometimes requiring adult support to join his group. Damien can walk quite steadily and can run with a toddler’s gait. He is prone to falling and sometimes requires help to stand up again. He has weak upper arm strength, so finds it hard to pull himself up when climbing on the climbing frame. Damien’s mum has reported that she finds it difficult establishing a routine for Damien. He sleeps late in the evening and is difficult to wake in the morning. She would like to be able to help him with his language skills, but finds he is often too tired to concentrate. She is also concerned that the poor housing conditions they are currently experiencing are having a negative impact on his health as he is often very wheezy. Damien has a congenital heart condition which requires regular monitoring to ensure it does not deteriorate. Damien is due to start school in September and mum is concerned that the new school (a mainstream school) will not know how to support him effectively.
ED4012 Resubmission Guidance Task 2 Task 2 (3000 words + or – 10%) Based on the case study outlined below, consider how Damien’s family can be supported by professionals working in a multi-agency way. Further Guidance and Suggested Word Count Introduction Please introduce the aims of the assignment clearly and briefly (250 words) 1. Who are the professionals who may be working involved in supporting Damien and his family? For this section you need to refer to the learning/behaviour/health needs experienced by Damien, and consider who may be involved in supporting him with these needs, for example his key worker, the SENCO, and other health professionals.
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