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Nurse Turnover Data Review

I have already written my paper and presentation. I just need a revision of both according to the instructor feedback. If specific organization info needed from my hospital just leave blanks and I will get the info later. Need to score proficient on instructor feedback. Part 1: Project Report Develop your data review project report. Use the Data Review Project Report Template, linked in the Resources of this unit. This template is different from the Data Review Project Proposal Template used in Assessment 2. Authoritative sources should be integrated into the Evidence-Based Recommendations and Conclusion sections of the report. Provide a minimum of three visual data summaries (for example, pie chart, graph, spreadsheet, and process map), two evidence-based recommendations from the literature, and one new insight. Place these additions in your document under the headings: Data Display, Recommendations, and Conclusion. Add, in an appendix, the balanced scorecard table that you have created in Assessment 2. Note: The requirements outlined below correspond to the first five grading criteria in the scoring guide. Be sure that your project report addresses each point, at a minimum. You may also want to read the Data Review Project Report and Presentation Scoring Guide to better understand how each criterion will be assessed. • Align a problem statement, performance indicators, and outcome measures with an organizational strategic need. o What additional information would strengthen the alignment and make it more explicit? Summarize the key findings from a review of current and relevant authoritative literature. o Be concise and substantive. Provide sufficient information in the summary to adequately cover the selected topic. o Consider adding additional best practice sources to your initial review of the current literature. Articulate the value of a project to an organization. o Consider a strategic systems perspective when contemplating value to the organization. o Express main points, assertions, and conclusions clearly and effectively. o Be sure you have evidence to support your conclusions. Analyze performance data and trends. o Present your visual data displays, along with a concise analysis. o Describe the significant findings, trends, and any new insights evident from the data summaries. o Determine if there are any limitations to your findings, obstacles to collection or interpretation of data, or potential for bias. o Ensure your data is valid and reliable. Provide evidence-based recommendations, a conclusion for problem resolution, and organizational transformation. o Identify a short list of interventions to solve the problem, supported by current (published within the past 3–5 years) authoritative literature. o Consider how legal, regulatory, ethical, patient safety, and organizational factors are related to the problem. o Make realistic recommendations that are within the organization's capability. They should not be based upon uncertain funding sources such as government grants, which might be discontinued. o Make your recommendations sufficiently compelling to convince the target audience to implement them. o Include, more importantly, a clear statement about how the project added value to the organization and aligned with the organization’s strategic direction and goals. Combine clear, coherent, and original writing, in APA style, with relevant and credible evidence from the scholarly and professional literature. o Apply correct APA formatting to your source citations. o Consider how or why a particular piece of evidence supports your main points, claims, or conclusions. o Make sure your supporting evidence is clear and explicit. PART 2: PROJECT REPORT PRESENTATION Provide a concise overview of your project in a recorded slide presentation. Use the Data Review Project Report Presentation Template, linked in the Resources of this unit. Note: The requirements outlined below correspond to the sixth grading criterion in the scoring guide. Be sure your presentation addresses each point, at a minimum. You may also want to read the Data Review Project Report and Presentation Scoring Guide to better understand how the following criterion will be assessed. • Present a concise, substantive project overview to decision makers. o Be clear and focused on your presentation. o Address the anticipated needs and concerns of your audience. o Apply best practices to the design and development of your presentation materials. o Support your main points, arguments, and conclusions with relevant and credible evidence. o Be sure to format citations and references using APA style
I have already written my paper and presentation. I just need a revision of both according to the instructor feedback. If specific organization info needed from my hospital just leave blanks and I will get the info later. Need to score proficient on instructor feedback.
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