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SUBJECT AREA English Language
CREATED ON 15th February 2017
COMPLETED ON 16th February 2017
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How do we do something

have to explain steps to do something you can choose whatever you want easy stuff (should not be professional. write as freshmen of college. ex)how to make hot-dog) MLA format, use "SIMPLE ENGLISH"
have to explain steps to do something you can choose whatever you want easy stuff (should not be professional. write as freshmen of college.
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THE FEMININE HANDICAP: an account of women literary ability in ancient Europe.
Need help to edit the essay as the maturity of language use in the essay is beyond my competence.
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I have a FRENCH speaking exam, On FILM/TV which needs to be written up ASAP. there are instructions in the attached document. USE THE DOCUMENT attached and BENEATH EACH QUESTION answer in FRENCH at least 4 LINES for each question. USE a common FILM and TV show. Write in french and use document
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Your purpose in these papers is to analyze the rhetorical situation and purpose of assigned literary works. Going back to the description of the course—who made it? when and where (occasion)? for whom (audience)? for what purpose(s)? with what degree of success? How do you know? How do the answers to these questions affect what the author could say, and how (ie:..
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Please read instruction and answer 2 questions in my instruction. Remember use the website that my teacher give me. A outline that my teacher based on it to grade your assignment , please check outline when you finish assignment. Please compare it when you finish and before deliver it to me
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Write the second question for two pages and write in ESL level(university)please read the geronimo book mention in the image.
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Database marketing can significantly improve a company's profits by creating loyal, repeat customers. Choose a company you feel loyal to and participate in their loyalty program. Describe the program and explain how the company uses their database to manage their loyalty program. Lastly, provide any recommendations on how they could improve their program..
This paper must be returned to the course D2L drop box by 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Late papers will be subject to penalties: you will lose 5 grade points per day. The paper must be typed, double spaced, with 1 inch margins and 12 point font, and saved in the rich text format (.rtf). You may use your own notes, course lecture notes, and any other materials..
Hiroshima by John Hersey
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Civil Rights concerns protecting people from discrimination because of their inclusion in some sort of group or class - race, religion, etc. Sometimes, at least today, civil rights seems like a pretty simple concept. It's illegal (and wrong) to deny somebody a job simply because they're black, or refuse to rent someone an apartment because they're Jewish...
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A common misconception about Latino students and families--is that we do not value education or we don't take school serious enough. That type of thinking is actually antithetical to the perspective here in class. Zambrana utilizes an "intersectional lens" when she examines issues impacting Latinos and Latino families in particular. After viewing Lost..
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Game Theoretic Resource Allocation in Media Cloud with Mobile Social Users
It should as form of abstract which includes - What is the issue? Current system and disadvantage. Proposed system and advantage.
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To what extent has and does HK influence Mainland China’s economic development: will it continue?
There should be two focuses of the essay. Firstly, how Hong Kong influenced Mainland China's economic development after the Transfer of sovereignty with emphasis on trade and investments. Secondly, by assessing the rise of Shanghai as a domestic financial centre, rise of protectionism and the diminishing role that Hong Kong plays as an intermediation of..
The Death Penalty
This is a college paper so I expect it to be very good. YOU MUST BE AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY! The 8th amendment must be included with a very strong thesis. 8-10 pages is required. MLA format
Research Paper
Week 5
Other types
Naomi is a 42-year-old woman who has been working for a construction company as an architect for 10 years. She is particularly afraid of speaking up at meetings, and she feels very uncomfortable when she makes presentations. In these situations, she often experiences anxiety symptoms such as pounding heart, shaking hands, and dizziness, and she thinks that..
Theories Paper

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