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Critical thinking

1. Track an organizational change process that you have experienced or have researched. What tools were used to manage the change? What else could have been done to generate a willingness to change? 2. Choose an industry facing fundamental technology change (e.g. the recorded music industry vs digital technology, computer software vs open-source, newspapers vs the Internet, corporate IT services vs cloud computing…). In relation to one leading player in the industry, discuss the problems posed by the new technology.
1. Track an organizational change process that you have experienced or have researched. What tools were used to manage the change? What else could have been done to generate a willingness to change?
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3 pages Instructions Review the processes of invention and innovation. Then, select a new product that you have been introduced to in the past 12 months. You are encouraged to research this new product using outside sources. You can use the same company you have been researching, or pick a new one. You are to create a PowerPoint presentation about future inventions..
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Using the prompt provided below, and after reading the article (located in Blackboard) titled, “The Ethical Mind: A Conversation with Psychologist Howard Gardner,”  provide a clear, concise, and well written journal that will be reflective in nature and effectively showcase your thoughts and perspectives on ethical leadership. What is your philosophy..
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